To know everything about Julie, one of the FURIFURI co-founders. In 10 questions, 5 key dates and less than 30 seconds of reading, you will know everything about her… Let's go!

> My greatest pride in life?

My family who supports me 200% on a daily basis.

> My biggest flaw?

Gluttony (and Natsuko would say my impulsiveness!).

> My main quality?


> My motto?

At 2, we are 3 times smarter!

> Sleep late or rise early?

Rise early, especially with the magnificent sunrises we have on the Côte d'Azur, it's inspiring!

> The music that pisses me off?

Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now, by McFadden & Whitehead.

> The music that gives me the buzz but that I like all the same?

I would have liked to be an artist, by Nicole Croisille to stay aligned and achieve your dreams.

> My sweet sin?

Dark chocolate, recently at Easter, I tested it with FURIFURI Chili and it's crazy!

> What do I do when I'm not developing FURIFURI?

Sports, hikes, dinners with family or friends to recharge my batteries at the weekend and recharge the batteries!

> If I snapped my fingers, where would I want to be right now?

I would say in Japan with the family. I had the chance to go there once in my life but I would love to get to know this country, its culture, its gastronomy better. Let's go, we're going there for the next vacation?!

My journey in 5 key dates:

* 1997 : Doctor of Pharmacy graduate.

* 2000 : I leave France for Dubai (where I join my future husband) and I start in marketing at L'Oréal.

* 2003 : departure for China (to follow the one who has, in the meantime, become my husband). I reinvent myself professionally and create a company specializing in promotional items for the cosmetics industry (sold in 2018). We are adopting our 2 daughters from China.

* 2015 : back to France after 12 years in Asia (China and Hong Kong), it's time to go home. We put our suitcases in Nice and one of the first people I meet is Natsuko, my partner FURIFURI (sign of fate?).

* 2021 : start of a new entrepreneurial adventure, this time together, with Natsuko, creation of FURIFURI!

Written by Leslie Gogois