In Japan, furikake are very popular ! They have become a must on the shelves of Japanese grocery stores and supermarkets: entire shelves offer different flavors to seduce consumers.

Sold in individual portions or in resealable bags, they are packaged in attractive packaging, usually colorful and decorated with manga or other childish heroes.

In addition to the basic duo (seaweed and sesame), other ingredients are added such as sugar and salt. And also different flavors to create fragrant recipes: salmon, salted plum, katsuobushi (dried bonito), tenkasu (fried tempura flakes), dried shrimp, black sesame…

Little by little, manufacturers have also started to distil lots of additives, just to make them even more addictive… But also much less good for your health, erasing the nutritional benefits of this product, which was originally healthy. So much so that today some school canteens in Japan have even banned them!

That's why at FURIFURI, we decided to create a vegan version, without additives or preservatives based on roasted sesame and seaweed from Brittany. So don't hesitate any longer, furikakez your life!

Written by Leslie Gogois