Many of you have already adopted our furikake . And that really warms our hearts! It must be said that this Japanese condiment is a wonderful alternative to salt since it reduces the use of salt by 90%. Perfect for bringing taste and color to your dishes, while doing you good.

But what is it really about? Here is the little story of this super-delicious condiment: invented by a Japanese pharmacist at the beginning of the 20th century , it was thought to season rice and fill the food gaps of the population. Quickly adopted by the Japanese and especially children , it was originally made from crushed fish bones, sesame seeds and seaweed.

Moreover, the first version of 1910 was called "gohan no tomo" which means " a friend for rice ". Today, it pairs well with rice but also many other dishes where it is just sprinkled on the finish. Moreover, furikake literally meansto sprinkle, to shake ”.

It's up to you to find your favorite combinations : on vegetable chips, on roast fish straight out of the oven, on popcorn for a nice salty version as an aperitif or even on your steamed vegetables to make them more sexy. Sofurikakez you life !

Written by Leslie Gogois