Furikaké is the favorite condiment of the Japanese and FURIFURI is a 100% natural furikaké that offers a joyful alternative to salt for the whole family: it's good for morale and for your health!

FURI means to shake in Japanese.


In 2020, in the midst of the Covid crisis, while all French people are rediscovering their cuisine on a daily basis, Natsuko often serves Japanese furikaké to her 3 daughters (and her husband), who love it. It is unfortunately filled with additives and preservatives and impossible to find natural ones. Natsuko tells herself that we have to create something!

A few months later… Natsuko makes Julie taste the furikaké on a fillet of salmon with ginger, with a little idea in mind. Together, they decide to create THE first brand of 100% natural furikaké and go back to the origin of the recipes, created at the beginning of the 20th century by a Japanese pharmacist and filled with nutritional elements.

The brand is called FURIFURI. FURI means to shake in Japanese Keisuke Matsushima, a super starred Japanese Chef living in Nice for 20 years, created the 5 launch recipes. Caroline Joucla, nutritionist-dietician highlights all the nutritional values. Both UMAMI taste specialists and involved in educating the younger generation to use less salt in their diet, they are excited about the project!

At the same time, Julie and Natsuko are building the future: they are selected by the best start-up accelerator ToasterLAB specializing in agri-food, are recognized by the BPI as one of the most innovative companies, with the obtaining of the French Tech scholarship and become Laureates of the Entreprendre Network.

In October 2022, they are finally ready to unveil the FURIFURI brand!

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Natsuko, native furi

Thai-Japanese on the one hand, Franco-Norwegian on the other, Natsuko is a mixture of cultures. She spent her childhood in Tokyo then worked with great chefs, 10 years for Alain Ducasse opening restaurants in NY, Tokyo, Paris and London then with Joël Robuchon and Anne-Sophie Pic. She then opened a wine bar in 2016, Clarette, in the heart of London.

Natsuko is:

– positive and passionate
– fell into the pot of furikaké when she was little
– as sunny as her first name which means summer girl in Japanese
– fan of soboro bento and Nina

Simone Julie, furious addict

Pharmacist by training, expert in nutrition, having spent more than 15 years in Asia, Julie has more than one arrow to her bow. She set up a company specializing in promotional items in Hong Kong, which quickly became the market leader. The discovery of furikaké by her friend and partner Natsuko is a revelation!

Julia is:

– generator of good vibes
– convinced that at 2 we are 3 times smarter
– curious and greedy
– 100% furikake addict