The most observant among you will surely have noticed that on our packaging, we preferred to write FURIKAKÉ . With an accent . While the Furikake spelling is often acclaimed. But then, why such a choice?

Rest assured, this is not an error on our part. But after extensive discussions within the team, we finally decided: the idea of ​​putting an accent to hear the right sound by ear pleased us because Furikake is pronounced Furikaké well .

So we have fun distilling " FURIKAKÉ" everywhere in our article titles or Insta publications to mark our DNA : a 100% French brand that offers this 100% Japanese seasoning . Like a bridge between these two cultures that we love so much. But everywhere else, we write furikake to respect the original spelling .

Remember that our 100% natural magic mixtures are made from seaweed , sesame and other flavor twists such as lemon , curry or chilli ; if they find their roots in Japanese traditions, these are indeed exclusive recipes that we have developed for you. So… furikakez your life!

Written by Leslie Gogois